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WIAW: Long Run Edition

This week, I am joining the What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) party again over at Peas and Crayons.

I have been training for the Philadelphia Marathon half-marathon (I know, redundant, right?) and thus have been doing a long run each weekend. This past weekend, I ran 11 miles in preparation for the race this week. See below for an account of my eats that day. 

My day started off with my typical huge cup o’ joe. I’ve been enjoying Trader Joe’s Wintry Blend coffee these days. 

For morning sustenance, I had this frosty bowl: frozen berries + frozen banana + cucumber + 1/2 scoop Vanilla Sunwarrior + 1/2 scoop Amazing Grass Vanilla Chai + almond milk, topped with raw oats and almond butter.

For lunch, I downed this butternut squash wrap, which consisted of a large whole wheat tortilla, hunks of butternut squash, a few tablespoons of pecan butter, and a shake of cinnamon. (At this point in the picture, I had eaten 3/4 of it because I forgot to take a picture. Blogger fail.) I was going on my long run shortly after lunch, so I wanted something carby and easily digestible. This did the trick!

Around mile 7 on the run, I bursted out this tasty GU. It tasted just like peanut butter frosting. A-maz-ing. This is right up there with my other favorite GU flavors: Espresso Love and Chocolate Outrage. 

11 miles completed! (Yes, I am slow- don’t mock me. However, I never stopped my watch, and took multiple walking breaks)

Dorky post-run pic.

Upon arriving back, I had a glass of coconut water to rehydrate. Coconut water is rich in magnesium and potassium for muscle repair. 

For dinner, the boyfriend and I were starving our faces off, and whipped up this quick and hearty Thai Peanut Stir-Fry. It was basically a bunch of fresh veggies (included protein-packed edamame), stir-fried and mixed with a homemade peanut sauce that incorporated thai curry paste. It was all served on bed of Jasmine brown rice, and topped with green onions and julienned basil. I had this bowl, and half of another. 

Dessert was a bowl of greek yogurt + banana + boysenberry jam + peanut butter.

About an hour later, I had a second dessert: a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie (Angela’s recipe) and a glass of homemade almond milk. 

That’s it, folks. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my long-run eats!


  1. Hi Jess- good luck to you, too! I love meeting fellow runners 🙂 The boysenberry jam is from Trader Joe's. It tastes like a combo of grape + raspberry, and is deliciously thick. I checked out your blog and love all the running tips! That spaghetti squash lasagna looks heavenly, too.


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