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WIAW: October 8, 2014

Hey there! Long time no blog. I have taken a lovely hiatus from blogging for the past week after my month-long Vegan MoFo sprint. However, I am back and energized, and wanted to kick off October by joining the What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) party

Here is a run through of a day of my eats from last week. Enjoy, fellow food oglers! 

As has been par for the course these past few weeks (a.k.a. ever since I could get my grubby hands on the stuff), I have been kicking off my days with a steaming mug of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice coffee. It is heavenly: full of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other autumnal spices. (Excuse my picture repeat from last WIAW.)

For breakfast, I had a giant bowl of pumpkin yogurt (1/2 cup pumpkin puree + about a cup of 0% greek yogurt + a hefty shake of pumpkin pie spice), topped with a diced pear, brown rice krispies, apple butter, a scoop of flaxseed, and almond butter galore. I also sprinkled some unpictured stevia on top. This bowl kept me full and powered up until 1:30 pm, which is a big deal for someone whose tummy starts growling at 11:50 am most days.

For lunch, I was in the soup and salad kinda mood, and had a salad of butter lettuce, radicchio, and tomatoes and some unpictured red wine vinaigrette that I had left in my work fridge. On the side, I heated up some homemade black beans, as well as a bowl of roasted tomato soup (recipe to come soon!). 

This juicy orange and these salted & roasted walnuts tided me over until dinner time.

When I got home from work, I chowed down on this bean and grain bowl. I had a big scoop of leftover farro cooked with tomatoes and broth, sauteed greens (collards, kale, mustard greens), and kidney beans. I spooned some basil pesto over top for some healthy fats and a flavor ka-pow. I keep a jar of pesto stashed in the freezer at all times to come to the rescue whenever needed. It freezes wonderfully.

For dessert, I had two unpictured scoops of TJ’s Cookie Butter Ice Cream. Just buy it. Your nights will be full of happiness, I promise.

Hope you all have a beautiful and energized Wednesday!


  1. I'm not gonna lie – I thought I would struggle eating vegan for more than a day or two but if this was my day of eats I would be very happy with it! So jealous of that pumpkin spice coffee – wish we had it in the UK!


  2. I bet you can make pumpkin spice coffee at home if you have a spice grinder / food processor (using whole spices). Or alternatively, if you mix pumpkin pie spice in your ground coffee and then brew it, I have an inkling that it will be delicious!


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